The Fresno Watchdog Speaks up on Jerry Dyer.

How bad a Mayor would Jerry Dyer be? Just look at what a rotten Police Chief he was.

By our very own Fresno Watchdog In 2015, after a series of embarrassing scandals and millions paid to settle and defend lawsuits, an independent firm was hired by the Fresno Police Department. The Josephson Institute of Ethics interviewed over 300 officers and civilian employees.  Download the report below and read what Fresno police officers had to say after 14 years of Dyer as their Chief.  The report’s shocking findings include:
  • Deep and widespread discontent and distrust among patrol officers,
  • Serious misconduct and bad behavior tolerated,
  • Officers concerned about fraud, corruption and abuse of power, and
  • Officers were afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation.
Most officers were very unhappy with Dyer’s failure to hold employees accountable for a wide range of personal misconduct, including:
  • lying on official documents,
  • worker’s compensation fraud,
  • sexual misconduct,
  • substance abuse, and DUIs.
Many felt bad apples who should have been fired or demoted, instead got rewarded. Other concerns raised include:
  • A focus on arrests and throwing people in jail, not building solid cases,
  • Distorted or untrue statistics that damaged the Department’s credibility, and
  • Patrol officers feeling disrespected and unhappy.
The report goes far beyond the high-profile incidents that prompted this review, like the conviction of Dyer’s 2nd in command and close friend, Deputy Chief Foster, for felony drug distribution, officers running car theft rings and prostitutes, and alleged connections to drug cartels. This, plus over $30 MILLION dollars Fresno taxpayers spent to defend and settle troublesome lawsuits. This report shows a department in distress under Dyer’s failed leadership. It’s time to hold good old boy Jerry Dyer accountable for his reckless mismanagement of the Department. After reading this report, this Fresno Watchdog says No on Dyer. We Deserve Better. Fresno Deserves Better.  #NeverDyer

Download the report here.

Former Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer left a “department in distress.” Watch the video here.

🤯 Corruption.

😦 Excessive Use of Force.

🤥 Allegations of Statutory rape?

A Department in Distress.

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